Building a good account-based marketing strategy is a lot like building a house - they both start with a solid foundation. KickFire's data provides the crucial account intelligence that is the foundation and fuel for all ABM strategies.

As a software marketer, you need to see more than just total website traffic and ad clicks, you need real insights - Who are the companies behind these numbers? What products are they interested in? How well are your ad campaigns working? KickFire for Google answers al these questions and more by empowering your marketing team to:

  • See the exact companies visiting your website including industry, revenue, employee count, and more
  • Connect KickFire data to your Google Analytics reporting to see which campaigns are driving high-value traffic
  • Gather in-depth insights about your website visitors to power your account-based marketing strategy
  • Build custom audiences to segment and target your ideal customers
  • Leverage remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) to bid higher for ad placements shown to high-value audiences